Verified Brands: Splashy Inc.


Splashy Inc. The Relaunch, 2018 Edition.

Before the drip, came the Splash! Initially Splashy Inc. was created by Pro Spain Baller Marquie Smith back in 2013, but once things came into full circle three years later, the brand was now leading the direction of Smith, and his fellow colleagues Samuel Jones and Eddy Suriel.

What’s the mission of the Splash?
“Splashy is geared to providing an exclusive, high quality clothing line including a series of shirts, hoodies, jerseys, hats, and socks directed to our young target audience.”

Who found the Splash?
The founding of the Splashy brand was by three individuals Smith (IG: @splashy_kwee) Jones (IG:@doublecuppme) and Suriel (IG:@thedonwayy) in December 2016, with the merchandise becoming available for purchase in January of 2017.

Every brand creator whether it is clothing, music, video, anything in the creator field has an expectation and a standard they hold themselves to. When I asked the creators behind the Splashy Brand what their expectations were of the brand, this was their well strategized response:

The central concept of Splashy is a brand that promotes positivity in all aspects of life. A wave can be described as any surging or progressing movement or part resembling a wave of the sea. In regards to Splashy, life is but a body of water, an assimilation of different people, opportunities and lessons. Our lifestyle not only coexists but also seeks to promote life, people and opportunities. Our expectations are to continue progressively establishing business connects and contacts so that we can grow and promote this positive way of thinking. Whether it be giving back to the community, new merchandise releases, or networking events we seek to create an atmosphere of positivity and create a platform for individuals to achieve and be steadfast in success first for themselves and then for those who they represent. We want our followers to embrace the idea of knowing themselves, protruding confidence and positive vibes. As previously stated we have implemented ourselves abroad so making Splashy worldwide is definitely a big goal and expectation. We just want to establish an understanding that you don´t have to be anyone but you in this world.

What can the followers of the Splash Brand can anticipate this year?
PLENTY! From the launch of “SplashyTV” vlog series, music artists, upcoming fashion shows, anything from the Splashy Universe, you can bet it’s coming in the lineup for 2018. They are even traveling overseas with the future of Splashy to establish a exclusive merchandise foundation for the following they’ve developed in Barcelona, Spain where Smith is wrapping up his second year of professional basketball, in which he won a championship in his first year so the prominence abroad is growing dynamically.

“Our passion at Splashy is to create and set the trend. We want our followers to embrace the idea of knowing themselves, protruding confidence and positive vibes. We are the wave providing an exclusive high quality line that promotes the idea of being great, resonating positive energy and doing so with a sense of confidence and tranquility that compliments that unique swagger. Our plan is to continue to do this for our established fan base and for the Splashy family to come. We have some exclusive releases dropping this fall/winter season.”

Much appreciation to the Splashy brand for allowing me the #Verify their brand in time for their Summer Launch 🚀.


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