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Have you ever wondered why you were, on Earth? Where you might have came from prior to coming here?
These were questions I often asked myself once I became awakened in my spiritual journey. During the weekly Sunday sermon when I did attend church these were the thoughts that ran around in my head. Once the system of religion no longer fed my soul’s hunger I felt the burden of my spiritual journey being my own responsibility.
That motivated me to find people who were similar positions that I was in or, could at least guide me through this process.

I began following different self-proclaimed healers on social media. These individuals sometimes offered readings with tarot cards online.
Now I will admit that I am one of the biggest skeptics there is and it takes a lot for me to trust people. So getting a tarot reading in general let alone online
did not sound like the smartest idea to me. I mean don’t those people just tell you what you want hear for money? Eh, some might. However, during this time I discovered one particular
young women. Immediately I felt like she really cared and had a heart for the healing of other people.
She was very transparent and vulnerable on her social media postings which is what drew me to her. She also offered tarot readings, specifically for past life and life purpose.
This is what really intrigued me with those questions I mentioned earlier roaming through my head. Skeptical still. Yet, after receiving my readings I can say if you are in-tune
with yourself, spirit, and intuition then a tarot reading could be beneficial to you in many ways.

For myself, the reading I received gave me not only a deeper understanding of myself , it also gave me confirmation on my life purpose for here on Earth. I’m sorry to disappoint but, she did
not do anything weird or spooky. We simply met a local shop in Brooklyn, NY where I picked out a few cards and she would explain each of them to me in great detail.
she also offered suggestions on changes I could make in my everyday life. The experience was one I will never forget and one I wanted to share with my readers especially those who are thinking about or are interested in tarot readings. I emailed Audrey, that is the healer I went to, and asked if she could answers a few questions for me and this is how our conversation went.

1. What began or initiated your awareness of your spiritual journey?

What initiated my spiritual awareness was a near death experience that I had some time back in 2014 or 2015 and I just began a slow process of looking for answers outside of myself. I guess you could say that I began looking for a better understanding of what God really meant to me because I knew that something or someone saved me and there was no doubt or no question in my mind anymore about whether or not there was a God or whether or not I was being protected or watched over.

2. When did you know you were going to be a tarot card reader/healer?

I started getting this feeling that maybe I should you know pick up a tarot deck and start doing readings for myself however I just lacked confidence in myself and there was a woman that I supported heavily and I had been going to her for readings for a while and I was going through something very Traumatic around the time of my 22nd birthday. I was losing a baby at that time and I was just in a really bad space so I reached out to her and I got a reading and I asked her at the end of our conversation what she thought about me picking up my own tarot deck and beginning to practice and she told me that I shouldn’t do it because it was trendy now. And I needed to find something that was going to be more sustainable and she just said that she didn’t really feel like  I should go that route and something in my gut just told me fuck that! you know? and the next day I went and I purchased my own deck and the rest is history.

3. What is one thing you noticed is a common misconception about readings?

I believe a common misconception about readings is that once you go and get a reading you know your whole life is going to change without you having to change. Yes the tarot , oracle cards, etc. they do illuminate different things and spirit will show us different things however, the future is fluid and it is rarely set in stone and I think that a lot of people approach the tarot with the mindset that the person who is pulling their cards is going to tell them everything that they want to hear and that is not true. In my opinion, a good reader knows how to remain objective and also just to know that what we are saying is not necessarily law and everything has the potential to change.

4. What would you tell someone who was interested in having a reading a done?

I would tell someone who is interested in getting a reading to listen to their inner guidance when it comes to selecting the medium or the reader, etc. discernment is key. And to just remain objective and to ask their angels for additional clarity and confirmation and to just approach it with an open mind and an open heart and to just allow you yourself to receive the messages and to also be ready to do the work and to commit to your soul’s purpose because the reader is giving you tools and keys and ultimately you’re going to take those tools and change your life for the better

5. Where can people find you on social media and to purchase products or services?

IG: thedivergentspirit11
Twitter: phoenixandmars
Email: audreymariellejohnson@gmail.com

I hope you stay tuned. There is so much to discuss and so little time. Don’t fret I will be back soon.

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