Symplicity Production Presents: ‘House Of Music’

“They. Call. Us. What. SYMPLICITY!” Symplicity is a group of rappers, musicians, and visual artists. They also are a production team which brought Greensboro the House of Music show at A&K Café this past weekend. The group delivered a venue with great food, a line-up of talented performers, and a chance for the audience to win prizes. The group takes you down memory lane with their ‘Criss-Cross’ inspired dance moves and a splash of that classic ‘Kid-N-Play’ routine. As green lights cast over the stage, Symplicity captivates you with their flow, chemistry, and lively performance. Halfway through the song, I guarantee you’ll be nodding your head and probably even stomping your feet on cue.
The talent at this show continues to show me even though there are people from all over, North Carolina houses some of the best young artists in the game right now. Kerry Long (@kerrylongmusic) opened the show with some acoustic rhythms as he sang to the crowd about his love. We clapped along while Kerry took pop, country, r&b, and mixed em together to produce a sound that had the crowd swaying back and forth.
If you talking soulful bars then you must be talking Greensboro native, Nasir Ali (@nasiralinc). “Searching for shine in the rain, can I find peace in this hurricane” raps Nasir during his alluring performance. The ‘Pregame EP’ is out now with #IAMFS on the way.
AAANNNNNNT! My fault but that’s just how we Fayetteville raised folks greet each other. HAiKV (@haikv.officail / hai-coo) hit the stage and made our city proud. HAiKV is smooth with his flow “chris breezy wit the dance moves” as Drake would say. ‘Good Time’ and ‘Get Away’ are out now on every platform with ‘Freequencies’ mixtape on the way.
Ryan Godwin (@god.winr) took us back to the choir days with his majestic vocals. As he sang covers from Frank Ocean & Daniel Caeser, the café took notice of the Ohio singers’ skill. It’s notable to mention he rocked a “216” hat during the performance too. Be on the lookout for Ryan this summer when his latest project ‘7’ will drop.
On first sight, you might want to compare Gab.E (@gabrielleramseur_) to Sza because of her beauty & afro but I will tell you firsthand this girl has a sound of her own. I’m not ashamed to meet I swayed my hips a little in my seat as she sang ‘Friction’—The number one song off her EP ‘IV GOOD’. You might as well go check out the video on her youtube when you leave here. A sensual, radiant, and an intimate feeling takes over the crowd when Gab is on the stage and the red lights just set the performance all the way off. Go check her out now on Soundcloud & be ready for her upcoming project ‘Set it Str8’ as this Philly artist continues to carve a name for herself.
Last but not least I have to mention Devana Turner (@simply__dv). She’s a Biomed student at NCAT with vocals for days. Devana performed ‘Stop Playin’– “I’m not lookin for nothing, just want to have some fun. Boy show me something.” And ‘No More Games’—”If I said I was done would you believe me because that’s the way I’m feeling.” She has a feature from Christian Kamaal on Apple music right now called ‘Rewind’.
Symplicity has some upcoming events, be sure to go check them out! By the way, this was an absolutely free event!


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