“Fever” album review.


One of Detroit’s pioneers Black Milk probably has the best discography from a producer/rapper in hip-hop, he’s so consistent and with every album he re-shapes his sound but not too much to where you can’t hear his comfort zone.. just evolving, This new album “Fever” is here and wow.. has it really been 4 years since his last album?

12 songs on here all self produced.. features from Dwele, Ab and Sudie.

This is probably his most confident album, was in his bag all throughout this project… bars and production. He gets better with each project.. it’s a work of art. the song that stood out the most to me is “You Like To Risk It All / Things Will Never Be” oh my God what a beat… so blissful and smooth, I love the sampled voice in the beat.. I ran this back so much it was unhealthy. No Poison No Paradise then If There’s A Hell Below and now Fever… probably my personal favorite 3 album run.. at least top 5, check this out.

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