Eminem Vs. Benzino: Full Beef Analysis By Hip Hop Universe

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Eminem Vs. Benzino: Full Beef Analysis By Hip Hop Universe

Benzino, the media and Source Magazine vs Eminem. Great time in rap.

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-Hip Hop Universe

“Summer(Aug) 2002 – Eminem was out in Puerto Rico for the Mixtape Summit and for the promotion of his Movie 8 mile. He did a performance and after backstage Benzino tried to go over and talk to him. Eminem ignored him and said he didn’t wanna talk to him because he was mad about his album not getting a 5 mic in Benzino’s magazine The Source. Eminem later on does a interview and he’s asked about what he thought about his album The Eminem Show being praised with a 4 mic rating. He began to diss The Source and even saying that they will never give him a 5 mic rating in their magazine. Blames this on Benzino. (Sept) 2002 – Benzino is in the studio of Hot97 in New York talking about the double standard in hip-hop. And talks about how Eminem acted out in Puerto Rico. He dissed Eminem for the first time in a freestyle. Late(Sept) 2002 – While 50 Cent was a Guest DJ at Hot97 Eminem called in to promote 8 Mile as well as his new artist 50 Cent. During the Interview he disses Benzino calling him “Hasbenzino” and told them to play his record. And that they might have to dig in the trash to get it! Later that same night Benzino went to the studio and recorded a early version of the song “Pull your skirt up” Word about Benzino being heated with Eminem for dissing him on the radio comes out. Eminem has his manager and record exec’s calling Benzino to squash the beef. Benzino releases the song a week or two later. Nov 2002 Eminem waits over a month and a half after “Pull Your Skirt up” came out and releases an entire Mixtape (The Invasion) dissing Benzino and The SOURCE. The mixtape had 4 diss tracks to Benzino(“The Realest Label”, “The Sauce”, “Nail in the coffin” and Obie’s “Welcome to Detriot City”. Also Eminem says that he hasn’t had his people call Benzino to squash the beef. The same month Benzino appears on BET’s Rap City: Tha Bassment with Tigger to promote his new album Redemption. And talks about his beef with Eminem. 2 Weeks later after Eminem’s Mixtape, Benzino releases “D. Another Day”. 1 Week later Eminem does a interview on Hot97 with Angie dissing Benzino. 1 Week later Benzino releases Die Another Day Mixtape featuring all the disses he recorded including new song “Better Lose Yourself”. Later that week he calls in Hot97 to do a interview with Angie. He yells at her for not staying neutral in the interview. And for letting Eminem continuously degrade Benzino. Dec 2002 Benzino gets hate from Eminem fans. All radio stations with relations to Eminem drop Benzino songs. Jan 2003 The Source releases their Feb. Issue dissing Eminem. Feb 2003 Eminem releases the Benzino diss song “Go To Sleep”. April 2003 Eminem releases the Mixtape Invasion 2 dissing Benzino in 4 songs(“Conspiracy”, “Doe Ray Me”, “Keep Talkin” and “Wrong”. June 2003 At Hot97’s Summerjam Eminem disses Benzino and The SOURCE breaking his Source award on stage. Nov 2003 The Source holds a press conference and lets the media hear tapes in which Eminem raps a few controversial lines. The beef ended in 2004 when Eminem released his fifth album “Encore”. Benzino dissed him one last time with “Built For This” but without a response, he stopped mentioning Eminem in later records. Benzino apologizes for his behavior in 2014. He is looking forward to a time where he and Eminem can laugh about their past feud.

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